National Aerospace NDT Board

National Aerospace Non Destructive Testing Board (NANDTB-TR) was established on 21 June 2007 under the supervision of General Directorate of Civil Aviation with the intent of performing the NDT activities in a healthy manner that are crucial with regard to flight safety, conducting the training, qualification and certification of NDT personnel in the Turkish civil aviation sector are carried out the projection in accordance with the provisions of SHY 145, EASA 145 and TS EN 4179, providing standardization and eliminating the external dependency on all of those NDT activities.

According to the article (F), item 13 of the Regulation on Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (SHY 145) of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation;


Personnel to carry out Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) operations on aircraft and/or components shall have qualifications in accordance with TS EN 4179 standards

In addition, it’s expressed in paragraphs of the 145.A.30 (f) and AMC 145.A.30 (f) / 4 of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) that "in the countries where an EASA 145 approved maintenance organizations with D1-Class Rating according to EN 4179 standard, the examination activities of the personnel during the certification process shall be carried out by the National Aerospace Non-Destructive Test Board (NANDTB) of that country, otherwise, in the absence of such a board,  the execution of the examination activities can be done by receiving support from the  another EASA member country"

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