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The aims of National Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing Board are auditing the personnel in the field of non-destructive testing in the Turkish civil aviation according to the EN 4179 (Aerospace Series Qualification and Approval Personnel for Non-destructive Testing) standard, qualifying and certifying the NDT personnel as well as supporting these processes and carrying out the activities aimed at providing sector guidance services when needed.

Activities of the board can be summarized as below;

  • To meet the requirements defined in EN 4179 standard in Turkish civil aviation sector, 
  • To establish a system that ensures the recognition of educational organizations that meet the requirements of EN 4179,
  • To audit and evaluate the organizations wanting to provide qualification and certification services for NDT personnel with their written declarations of applications the compatibility of EN 4179,
  • To analyse suitable the projects for the Turkish civil aviation sector in a planned way, producing and implementing similar projects used by the other country's boards or authorized organizations.
  • Our National Board has been accepted as a full member, as a result of the application for full membership by  the European Federation of National Aviation Non Destructive Testing Boards (EF-NANDTB) NA at the 2nd EF NANDTB (Federation of National Aviation Non-destructive Testing Boards Federation) held on June 29, 2007 hosted by the Turkish National Aviation Non-Destructive Testing Board.
  • The National Board is an organization recognized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. The necessary legal regulations have been made to discipline all the NDT and training activities in the aviation sector which are operating within SHY-145 and SHY-21 in accordance with EASA rules and to centralize the execution and announcement of training programs to company representatives in the civil aviation.

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